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A privately owned massage therapy practice

13 March Farm Way, Route 33
Greenland, NH 03840

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Ka lani will only be using high-quality massage oils / lotions or cremes which are handcrafted with only the finest USDA Certified Organic ingredients.

Our clients will leave the table feeling like their skin has just been moisturized, not greasy.

What it is:
Certified Organic Sunflower Oil, Certified Organic Safflower Oil, Certified Organic Olive Oil, Certified Organic Jojoba Oil, and non-GMO Vitamin E

What it isn’t :
Nut Oils, fragrance or harmful preservatives

Why Organic?

The word organic refers to the growth, processing, and packaging standards of an agriculture product. Organic products have been grown under the supervision of the USDA via a regional certifying agency. Current regulations forbid genetically altered or engineered products in the growth or make-up of the plant. The processing and packaging must meet a standard of cleanliness similar to that of kosher certification. No irradiation or fumigation is allowed in this process. The purchase of organic products helps fuel an economy that ultimately benefits your body, the farmer, and the earth.

unnamedSunflower Oil

Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E to aid skin hydration. The smooth, silky texture of Sunflower oil gives the massage blend its great glide.


unnamed-1Safflower Oil

This oil is extremely high in linoleic acid, a key component to moisturizing dry skin and keeping skin hydrated.


unnamed-2Olive Oil

Our olive oil has been filtered to remove the tannins leaving an amazing emollient that will prevent the loss of moisture from the skin and will not clog pores.


unnamed-3Jojoba Oil

Very close to the body’s own natural skin secretion sebum, jojoba oil is really a liquid wax that absorbs easily.




Discount Packages Available:

  • Invest in three to six massages at once for a discounted price
  • Rehabilitation Package:
    Consisting of six consecutive weekly massages
  • Sports event package:
    Consisting of six consecutive weekly massages

Accommodations Available:

  • Side-lying support system
  • Electric tables
    Back lift support for inclined positioning
    Lowers for easier table access
Service Price
1 Hour Massage $85
90 Minute Massage $110
2 Hour Massage $135
Pre-natal Massage  $85
5 Pack – 60 Minute Custom Massage $375
5 Pack – 90 Minute Custom Massage $475

Heard of our Auto Pay Plans?

How do they work?

When you enroll in one of Ka lani`s plans you will be charged an automatic monthly fee. The date at which the plan begins is the date you will see the monthly charge come out of your debit/credit card (sign up on the 1st and the recurring payment will be charged on the 1st of each month). This charge is good towards one massage per month. It also allows clients to purchase as many additional massages during the month at the discounted rate. You may cancel with written notice after the first 3 months.

There are no setup fees or cancellation fees.

There is no risk with Ka lani Massage Specialists. If you skip a month, the session rolls over to the next month at no extra charge. Additionally, feel free to share with a designated individual of your choice (family member, significant other, etc.).

Auto Pay Plan 60 Minute ~ Monthly Fee is $74.80 (Regular Rate is $85.00)
Auto Pay Plan 90 Minute ~ Monthly Fee is $92.40 (Regular Rate is $105.00)

Rehabilitative Sports Massage

Helps athletes improve physical performance, reduces inflammation, soreness, pain, and recovery time.

Hot Stone Massage

60 minute relaxation

90 minute custom massage with incorporation of deep tissue & hot stones

Massage for Injury

Massage therapy plays a critical role in supplementing injury rehabilitation procedures. Relaxing the muscles and promoting circulation in the affected area.

Learn More About Our Massage Types

We are available 9am to 9pm Tuesday through Saturday
and on Sundays 9am to 6pm

We are closed on Mondays

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Our clinic is now under construction and designed around our therapists — a very unique, positive and professional atmosphere.

We are looking for Therapists with a wide variety of skills. with unique skill sets to deliver customized massages for a wide range of clients.
Ideal Therapists will have at least 2 years of experience and possess accreditations in additional modalities of massage. Experienced Therapists without additional accreditations, but with a strong sense of professionalism, self motivation and are passionate about massage and body work, will be equally considered.

We strongly believe happy, appreciated, highly skilled and well compensated employees translates into an all around great experience for our clients.

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